Why Us


We will give you a realistic project schedule and back it in writing. We run an extremely organized and efficient work schedule, so that there will be no down times on your project. Using the latest technology software platform, you will get daily updates and progress pictures. This allows you to see activity while you’re at work or on vacation, and be a part of the team. Our clients really love it!!


Your project will be maintained daily and we work to ensure that areas of construction are safe and secure at all times. Jobsite areas that are not affected by construction are protected using best industry practices to minimize disturbance while work is ongoing.

Quality Control

As the owner of Fein Construction, I run each project. I will visit your jobsite at least once a day while work is in progress, coordinating all daily tasks. My office staff involved in ongoing communication with you throughout the entire project.


The key to a successful project is mutual trust. We strongly recommend that you speak to our past clients and hear about their experience working with us. Our goal is to build lasting relationships, not just successful projects.

Design-Build Work >>

We are proud to offer our clients the design-build process, whereby we provide both architectural and construction services for their projects. This New Jersey home builders process is a team approach that partners the contractor, architect, and homeowner to create a unified flow of work from concept to completion. Design-build work allows for open and transparent communication, streamlines the design phase, evolves with client input, and can be used to value engineer every project. It can be utilized for any addition or renovation project, as well as new home construction.

The process begins with a complete zoning analysis of the subject property, which is done by our licensed architect. This provides information as to what may be built on a given property in order to conform to local zoning ordinances…for example, the permitted size of an addition, determination of the minimum setbacks, and information about height restrictions. We compile this information prior to starting design work.

For addition/renovation projects, our architect also takes measurements of all pertinent areas of the subject premises, which might be the entire house for a large-scale project. Existing electrical, plumbing, and mechanical systems are also surveyed at this time. The measurements of the existing structure are transposed to blueprint paper, and this is the framework on which the new design will be created.

The initial design meeting and subsequent discussions are centered around the New Jersey home builders clients. We listen to what they need, what their priorities are, why they feel their home needs improvement, and what their “wish list” is. The architectural work begins with overlay sketches on the initial blueprints, which is done right in front of the clients. We are able to take their input into account as we determine the size and scope of new and reprogrammed spaces. Design work progresses over a number of weeks or months, depending on the scope of work, and the final result is a preliminary plan which shows scaled floor plans and elevations for the project. At this point, we present an estimated budget for the complete job. Clients may make minor changes before moving forward with construction documents, and once the final plans are done, we submit them for construction permits and the building phase of the process begins.

Design-build work is enjoyable for all parties involved…client, contractor, and architect. It promotes collaborative relationships right from the start, streamlines the construction process, and allows us as the New Jersey home builders to remain client-focused throughout the process.

Working with Your Plans >>

Often we are contacted by homeowners who have procured architectural services. If you’ve already hired an architect for your project and your construction plans are complete, we will review them and prepare a detailed proposal for the entire scope of work. As experienced New Jersey home builders, we can help value engineer the project if necessary and assist you with final design options. During the course of work, we will communicate with your architect and foster a team approach. As with our design-build work, it is our belief that the best results are achieved when all parties involved work together as a unit. Over the years, we’ve collaborated with many architects in the northern New Jersey/New York area, building important business relationships along the way. The opportunity to learn about their individual styles and unique design elements has been a valuable experience and an inspiration to our work as New Jersey home builders.

Professional Craftsmen, Resourceful Vendors

We work with a trusted group of skilled craftsmen and subcontractors, all of whom are experienced in their trade. We’ve developed established relationships with each of them, and we know that we can count on them time and time again to complete their work in a professional and timely manner. Their excellent performance is critical to the success of every New Jersey home builders project that we do and ensures superior quality on every job. We require our subcontractors to carry both general liability and workers’ compensation insurance. Our electricians, plumbers, and mechanical contractors are all licensed in the state of New Jersey.

Each of our projects is unique, so we are often required to source specialty materials and supplies. Many historic projects in particular demand finish items that are vintage, period appropriate, or repurposed. We have developed relationships with suppliers who are great resources for items like reclaimed lumber, vintage stained glass windows, salvaged cabinetry, designer art sinks, and specialty trims and moldings. As top New Jersey home builders, we work hard to procure the right specialty components for every project.

Permits & Inspections

As part of each New Jersey home builders project, we handle the permit application process prior to construction. We complete all required forms, and communicate with the local building and zoning offices throughout the project if there are requests for additional information. We interface with local utility companies if new gas, electric, or water service is required. Once construction is underway we will schedule and facilitate all mandated inspections, and meet all necessary subcode officials, township engineers, county inspectors, and utility company representatives on site. Upon completion and approval of all final inspections, we will secure a Certificate of Approval or Certificate of Occupancy for the project.


At Fein Construction, we offer a ten-year limited warranty from Quality Builders Warranty Corporation on all our New Jersey home builders projects. Under the QBW Premier Protection Plan, coverage lasts for ten years and changes over time to cover different aspects of workmanship and construction. For the first year, we warrant the home against specified defects in workmanship and materials that do not conform with the QBW standards, as well as major structural defects. For the first two years, we warrant the home against specified defects in the electrical, plumbing and mechanical systems as per QBW guidelines, as well as major structural defects. For years three through ten, QBW warrants the home against major structural defects. This warranty is automatically transferred to subsequent purchasers of the home throughout the ten-year period. Quality Builders Warranty Corporation is an approved home warranty company in the state of New Jersey that as New Jersey home builders we are thrilled to partner with.

For our remodeling work, including additions, renovations, and historic restorations, we provide a one-year warranty on all workmanship. The warranties on mechanical equipment, such as furnaces, are transferred to the homeowner and may be as long as five years.