Custom Additions and Renovations

Our custom addition and renovation projects vary greatly in style and scope just like our New Jersey home builders projects. Some of our projects are limited to a specific area of the home, such as a kitchen extension and renovation. We have also built many large-scale additions that have significantly increased the size of the original structure, as well as add-level projects on ranch homes. Our portfolio includes a number of whole house remodels, in which a home is completed gutted to stud walls, reprogrammed with a new layout, refitted with new windows and doors, and finished with new mechanical work, fixtures, and trims.

As experienced New Jersey home builders we know that whether a custom addition project is large or small, it is important that the added structure is designed with the existing home in mind. The exterior of the addition must blend seamlessly with the rest of the house and enhance the entire property. On the interior, the new space should upgrade the existing floor plan, improve the flow of traffic within the home, and be tailored to the lifestyle of the homeowners. It is common for clients to seek a more open floor plan in the new design, which requires installing structural elements such as steel and engineered lumber to accommodate the removal of walls in specific areas. These issues are addressed during the design phase, so it is important to have an architect who is creative, knowledgeable, and in tune with his/her clients. We collaborate closely with our clients and their architect on every renovation project to make sure that we build with our client’s vision in mind.

During any renovation project, there will be some disruption…clients may need to vacate a portion of their home, or even move out temporarily while construction is underway. Kitchen renovations are difficult for obvious reasons. Because we are keenly aware of the inconvenience endured by our clients and their families, we strive to keep every project on schedule and minimize delays along the way. We often arrange for multiple phases of work to be done concurrently, and inspections are set up in advance. We’ve learned from our experience as New Jersey home builders that efficient job organization is key to completing projects on or ahead of schedule for our clients.

Every renovation project comes with a list of selections that the client must make with regard to finishes like exterior components, plumbing fixtures, and cabinets. Major renovation projects such as large-scale additions and whole house remodels encompass a broader scope of work which will make you happy that you have a New Jersey home builders on your team, so there are even more choices to be made. It is critically important that these decisions be made in a timely fashion in order to keep the project schedule on track. We work personally with every client to facilitate this process. As the job progresses, we notify clients in advance of any decision that needs to be made, we provide samples if possible, and we coordinate visits with local suppliers when necessary. It’s important that our New Jersey home builders clients enjoy their experience with us, and we strive to make this part of the job stress-free.

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Historic Renovations & Restorations

Fein Construction has completed many renovation and restoration projects on historic homes throughout the northern New Jersey area. We have had the privilege of working on beautiful vintage homes built in the late 1700s and 1800s, and we recognize the unique challenges that can come with these projects. Historic renovation and restoration work demands a highly experienced contractor who is proficient in this special type of construction.

The building codes for New Jersey home builders today are certainly very different from any guidelines that may have existed over 150 years ago. Timber framing, which is still used today in limited applications, was replaced by balloon framing in the 1800s. By the mid-1900s, platform framing had become the standard method of framing for residential construction, and was used for nearly all homes built after World War II. Because vertical studs run between the platforms created by each floor, rather than from the foundation sill to the top of the structure, a firestop system is built into each home…an important innovation. Our renovation work on vintage homes commonly involves upgrading structural elements to conform to today’s standards and incorporating new framing components into an old framework. Plumbing, electrical and HVAC systems have often been upgraded through the years, but it is common to need additional mechanical work to retrofit the project for reprogrammed or added space, or to accommodate the placement of new structural elements.

An important aspect of historic renovation work is selecting finish elements so that they are true to the era in which the home was originally built. Specialty materials such as reclaimed beams, historic windows, period cabinets, and vintage fixtures and hardware are essential to creating a finished product that honors the original home. Sourcing these unique components for our clients is an integral part of our historic renovation and restoration work as one of the top New Jersey home builders.

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Custom Homes

Fein Construction is one of the best New Jersey home builders and has built new custom homes throughout northern New Jersey, ranging in size from 3,000 to 7,500 square feet. Some of these were tear down/rebuild projects for clients, and involved complete demolition of an existing structure followed by construction of a new dwelling. Many of these homes were part of four separate subdivisions that we built. On these projects, after securing all approvals, we completed both infrastructure work and construction of single-family dwellings. We have built homes of many different styles…Craftsman, farm house, Cotswold style, Tudor, and contemporary, to name a few. It has been a great experience to learn the nuances of building various types of homes, and has enhanced our appreciation of architecture.

As with our renovation work, we provide our New Jersey home builders clients with exceptional service and attention to detail on every custom home. We assist with selections throughout the job, and maintain a tight schedule in order to deliver the final product in a timely fashion. Upon completion of every custom New Jersey home builders project we build, we are gratified knowing that we have successfully delivered something very special to our clients…their dream home.

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