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Building Value into Every Home Remodeling Project

Remodeled Modern BathRemodeled SunroomStunning Remodeld Kitchen Loaded with AmenitiesNewly Constructed Living Space

Dramatic Results Guaranteed

Fein Construction goes far above the minimums required to just comply with code and remodel every home as though it was for our own family.

We have an impeccable reputation for quality craftsmanship and extraordinary detail whether your desire is to modernize, repair, and renovate your home or remodel and enhance it to increase square footage and adapt to your lifestyle and family’s changing needs.

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Proper Planning, Design, and Quality Construction

Remodeling a home means far more than just added space to the homeowner; it often changes the way a family lives. If planned correctly, a home renovation can add flexibility, convenience and luxury to one’s life. Without proper planning, design, and quality construction, remodeling a home may result in unwanted and undesirable changes to one’s lifestyle and routines, existing house systems may be overly taxed, or newer portions of the structure may not match up well with the older portions resulting in hidden costs and added expenses.

Fein Construction takes planning and design to its highest level and the quality of our work is the cornerstone of who we are.

Exceeding Minimum Building Requirements

State and local government codes and regulations exist to protect homeowners from sub-par and unsafe construction work. While these codes represent the bare minimum requirements that are tolerated, they are not necessarily the recommended requirements to build a strong well-functioning and well-insulated structure. Usually, these “minimum requirements” get hidden behind closed walls or under floors and the homeowner never knows until there is a problem, sometimes years later that a job was not done well. You can often spot these shortcuts in contractor proposals with unusually low bids.

You’ll never find this to be the case with Fein Construction projects. Contact us to see how we make a difference.