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Historic Renovations — A Seamless Transition Between Old and New

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Historic Renovation

We specialize in preserving all the elements that make a historic structure special and unique while updating it to be functional for the modern family. We excel at integrating modern technology while preserving or re-purposing everything that can be saved to re-capture the home’s historic flavor.

Count on us for creative solutions to the many unusual challenges that are often part of the historic renovation process to ensure that the new construction will blend seamlessly with the original design.

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Historic Remodeling by Feinbuilt Construction

Your Home Restored to Its Historic Glory

Historic Home Restoration
Before View of Historic Renovation
Tuxedo Park - Before Renovation
After View of Historic Renovation
Tuxedo Park - After Renovation
Wyckoff, NJ - Before Renovation
Wyckoff, NJ - After Renovation

Preserving Character and Integrity

Restoring an old vintage building or updating an historic farmhouse is much more complicated than the average home renovation. Some contractors don’t see the value in preserving the character and integrity of a home built hundreds of years ago, while others don’t understand what makes historic renovations different from any other renovation, often destroying the beauty of the home along the way.

The odd spacing of beams, configuration of walls, lack of structural support, as well as decaying electrical and plumbing systems makes many contractors recommend just leveling these structures.  At Fein Construction, we make every attempt to restore the history, the character, and the integrity of these structures.

Award-Winning Historic Renovations


Fein Construction is proud to be one of a very few builders in northern New Jersey and Orange County, New York with experience in the renovation of many of these vintage and historical homes.Our award-winning historic renovations are something in which we take great pride as a builder. We focus on making every detail matter as much to us as it does to the owner of the home. It becomes our passion. Contact us if you are considering such a project; we’d love to speak with you.

Recent Historic Renovation Projects