The Feinbuilt Process

“The Feinbuilt Process gave us 100% control, provided 100% transparency and gave us more buying power for premium building supplies and
superior workmanship.


…This is just a better way to build.”

Find Out How the Feinbuilt Process Works

Nightmare Contractor Stories?

 … We’ve Heard Them All

No Transparency
``I'm not getting what we agreed to...
my Contractor is cheating and taking advantage``
Runaway Budget
``These costs are out of control....
the change orders and extra charges are killing me``
Schedule Delays
``Now the contractor tells me... they're not coming until the end of the month``
Poor Communication
``I have to chase our contractor down to know what's going on. I call him and he never calls back``
Poor Workmanship
``The work is sloppy and shoddy...
it's not the quality we wanted or paid for``
Poor Quality Materials
``The construction and building products are poor...
All the materials used are the lowest quality``

The Feinbuilt Process ...We're Changing the Way This is Done!

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The Feinbuilt Construction Planner

Our goal is to provide you with all the information you will need to determine the feasibility, cost and time line for your prospective project. We have created a simple guide you can download now to begin.

This informative planner and workbook will help you make some important decisions and avoid the most common pitfalls that homeowners encounter during the planning stage of a renovation or new construction project.

Fein Construction leads the way with our exclusive, open-source process, as we put you at the center of all decisions. Your vision and objectives will guide the entire project. Our award-winning team consistently delivers uncompromising quality, value and workmanship, the hallmarks of FeinBuilt Homes.Our custom home construction process is designed to make sure you are built the home of your dreams and get that home through an enjoyable process.

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