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6 Reasons to Choose Fein Construction

We’re changing the way residential construction is done with the Feinbuilt Process! Our team is building dreams one home at a time. We are ready to transform your space with old world craftsmanship and a sharp focus on your style. Increase the value of your home with these 6 tips about the expedient process of…

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Insulate the Green Way by Using Spray Foam

When undertaking a renovation or remodeling project, updating the insulation is something that should be investigated. Significant improvements and savings can be realized by taking advantage of modern materials and techniques. Something that should be given sincere consideration is spray foam insulation. Spray foam insulation offers several green advantages over traditional insulation.   R Value…

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Why Green Construction is a Win-Win

Building New or Renovating Your Existing Home? Why Green Construction is a Win-Win Whether you’re planning to build a new home, or renovate the home you have now, green building/construction is as beneficial to you and your family as it is for the planet. If You Care About Durability, Build Green! Imagine a home with…