If you’re looking at New Jersey home builders, and you want to make sure that you’re keeping me at local small affordable and high-quality then you want to look at Fein Construction. Fein Construction is New Jersey’s Premier Home Builder and remodeler and we have been building homes and doing home construction including Remodeling and Renovations for over 30 years. We have been widely recognized through high-quality 5 Star reviews on Facebook and Google and from awards from places like home builders digest and including high ratings from the Better Business Bureau as the top home builder in New Jersey.

When it comes to finding somebody local that is going to provide you with the best Home Building Services including New Jersey home builders that can do remodeling in Innovations the need to look no further than right here at Fein Construction. We’re going to do it right every time because we provide all services when it comes to home construction. We can do custom Remodeling and Renovations and we can also build your Custom Homes pending on your needs. We can do this with high-quality workmanship an experience that can’t be touched compared to the other buildings in New Jersey. We can also do historic renovation so if you have something that is priceless and if historic importance that you want to make sure gets restored to his previous Glory than you want to make sure you call us right here for that as well.

Also when you want somebody in New Jersey that is local and also values time efficiency cleanliness and accountability for high workmanship then we are your one-stop-shop. When it comes to time we have an efficient project schedule that we back in writing, we also make sure that we have a clean work site. Clean them to the high priority for our projects in our workplace are maintained daily and always prioritizing Safety and Security as well. Where comes to accountability and high-quality then our founder and owner stops by each and every work site everyday to check on the progress I see the things have oversight personally.

Also if you want New Jersey home builders there I can provide you some great no-brainers then you want to go with a local company like us as well. Not only do we provide you the consultation / estimate for free whenever you call is coming we’re also going to be able to provide you with a one year workmanship warranty on everything that we build. And dishes at many of our mechanical components are also going to be provided with a 5 year warranty as well that are transferred to the owner upon completion.

If you’re interested in what we can do for you and any of your construction needs and it comes to remodeling, home additions, custom home building or even historic renovations to make sure you get in touch with us here because we can handle all that for you better than anybody else. Give us a call at (973)838-2212 or you go to our website at feinbuilt.com we can find out this information of more and be sure to check out our customer testimonial.

New Jersey H(973) 838 – 2212.ome Builders | How We Got Our Start.

When you’re looking at New Jersey home builders you may be interested in Fein Construction. It may also be wondering how we got our start at the Premier Custom home builder and Remodeling Company in the state. It all started with Mike Fein, Who had a landscaping company in the seventies and became familiar with several high in New Jersey home builders in the northern area of the state. Getting interested in architecture in residential construction and learned about the individual trades involved in the industry and all the different phases of work or coordinated under project for Home Building. Vinny 1978 officially start his New Jersey home building career after reconstruction on his first new home project. Then throughout the 80s and 90s he focused primarily on new construction of homes and then ventured into residential remodeling.

Is it going to reputation for the best New Jersey home builders the business has evolved to include Remodeling and renovation services and that is how Fein Construction came about.

Now hear a company in addition to being the best New Jersey home builders, we offer a range of services that range from home construction, including Custom Homes to Home Remodeling and home additions and even renovation work including historical renovations. If you have any part of your home that needs to be remodeled, added, renovated or if you have in his dork side that needs to be restored to his former glory then we can take care of any and all Construction Services in those regards.

Will become known here as a company that values time because we have a vision project schedules are back in writing and we also known for cleanliness. Our projects and work sites are maintained daily with Safety and Security always a top priority as well included within those parameters. Mike himself visit every worksite each and every day to make sure that his high quality for construction is being met and the company continues to live out to his high standards. these are some of the qualities that have letters to become one of the most trusted and Premier home builders in the state of New Jersey.

We also have come to be proud of our no brainer offers so whenever you come to us you get some incentives like free estimates and consultation process is. In addition that we do offer a one-year workmanship warranty on all the construction that we do because we stand by our service and products.

If you’re more interested in learning more about what we can do for you to make sure you give us a call anytime at (973)838-2212 or you visit our website anytime at feinbuilt.com where you can find all this information plus much more including more details about our services and our company and also check out customer testimonials and photo galleries.