The quaint hamlet of Woodcliff Lake in Bergen County earned its name from the reservoir located within the borough. The population has remained relatively static during the last decade and the schools have received consistently high rankings.

With the Garden State Parkway running through it, Woodcliff Lake has become a convenient suburban community with a median home price topping $740,000. Many Woodcliff Lake residents have recognized that home remodeling in this area is an excellent investment.

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Deciding Between New Construction or Home Renovation in Woodcliff Lake NJ

The decision to build a luxury home from scratch or enlist the services of a historic renovation organization trails back to what you want your ideal home to look like. Areas such as Woodcliff Lake have homes dating back as far as the 1800s. Top-tier historic renovation provided by specialists such as Fein Construction can revitalize an existing structure while keeping its period lustre in place.

Fein Construction  joins the ranks of experienced outfits that routinely undertake historic renovation projects. These projects require painstaking attention to detail and respect for vintage construction. Fein’s online portfolio shows some of this intricate and comprehensive work.

On the other hand, luxury custom-built homes can utilize materials that reflect the quality of older homes, but package it with new technologies and advanced architectural designs. Part of the value of building a unique home is that it can be tailored to meet some of your more unique living space desires. There’s a certain intrinsic value to a home being created in the image of your living space needs.

Contact Fein Construction For Woodcliff Lake, NJ Building Needs

When deciding on which home construction path to take, it’s important to talk with a professional organization that specializes in luxury new construction and historic renovations. For more information or to review their portfolio of outstanding accomplishments, visit Fein Construction.