Home Architecture & Interior Design Services For Custom Home Building

Architect and Designers

We’re passionate about working with great Architects and Designers.  Depending on your needs, we are always pleased to recommend an Architect or Designer for your home project.   If you already have one in mind, we will be happy to work with them throughout the process.

We value every opportunity to work with highly qualified individuals and there is great value for you as the homeowner in having a team of true professionals dedicated to your construction project from conception to completion.

One question that clients commonly ask is “Why is the project cost coming in higher than my original budget? We told the architect what we had budgeted for the job before design work started. What happened?” It’s confusing, and stressful when the cost of your custom home building process begins to exceed your budget.

Architects are involved in multiple home building projects at any given time, and their designs probably vary greatly in size and style. At the onset of the design phase, it is difficult to foresee costs for selections that may be made at a much later date. As the design phase is completed, it is more realistic to be able to incorporate these “selection” costs into a working budget.

For example, the cost of windows can increase by 20-30% if you opt to include specialty windows (box or bay units, half-circle, archtop, oval, or custom) or simulated divided light grilles instead of standard windows and grilles. A hot water baseboard heating system that includes radiant in-floor heating would be significantly more costly than a warm air system. These cost differences can be seen in nearly every phase of work. When they are added up, the cumulative effect is a project with an estimated cost that exceeds the original budget.

Our custom home building process allows you to see the cost impact of every choice and make selections based on priority. This enables you to build your project in the most cost-effective way possible. In addition, this process can ensure that you won’t encounter significant cost overruns during construction. When clients are given contract allowances for items such as cabinets, plumbing fixtures, and tile, unanticipated costs will be incurred when they select items that exceed the allowance. Our process will make you aware of those costs up front so that you can make selections that are in line with your budget.

Architects and designers that we work with greatly appreciate the level of communication and attention to detail that our process provides to clients. We always look forward to working with new architects and design professionals and utilizing our process to ensure a successful project for everyone involved. As your luxury custom home builders in NJ, contact us today for more information!